As long as it is good, quality basketball, it does not matter what league, level or continent the game is played in, I will watch it!

Heck, my high school alma mater Cavite Institute hardly won any games back in the day but I would never shut up about them with my classmates. The players of those teams are still my heroes to this day (you guys know who you are! Lol) because I thought it was good, quality basketball.

While there is no shortage of basketball sites both locally and internationally that are more entertaining, informative and data driven, there is always room for more and that is why Hoopslocale.com is here. I want to start a website that will further healthy discussions about the game that we all love. The game of basketball.

We don’t need to agree all the time, but let’s make sure that our discussions are always respectful. Hope you enjoy all the content that we will be creating for the site on the regular.

Thank you and God bless you all!